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so you've been to our pagoda in cupang... i am from that place and i only watched the fluvial parade from the shore. were you also there during the feast day (sept 10)? did you join the banhayan festival and took some pictures?


It is odd seeing those dolls being carried by Asians. No offense intended. Dolls modeled after humans can be somewhat frightful. I second Christian's observation about the smiling. It's uplifting to see.


Filipinos really have a passion for tradition. I've attended colorful processions of saints during fiestas in some provinces. It's always a beautiful spectacle.

Ashish Sidapara

Full of life, great series.
PS: You know how to take color pictures ;-) Nice for a change!


seems everyone is having fun!
just noticed that the saint and the man carrying him have matching outfits.


looks like everybodys having fun !and good pictures too!colorful :)

kind regards!


Just a comment for Wim van der Miej:

I think the images/statues have Western faces because these saints are from the west. St. Nicholas is from Italy.

Is that right, Sidney?

Stardog Champion

I'm always fascinated by different religious ceremonies and festivals. This one looks so lively and colourful.


Such colourful interior!


Looks like they was having fum, do they have processions every day over there?



Filipinos really love their patron saints and are enthusiastic in celebrating their feasts. You can see it in the eyes of these people. Again you've captured the soul of Filipinos.

Wim van der Meij

Funny that the "dolls" have western faces, rather than Asiatic ones.


i'm sorry but i got scared of the statue :(


Sydney, nice shots, a little different than I'm used to seeing from you (color instead of B&W) I like it


Sidney, what procession is this about?



I never see a curch so happy and with so many flowers


COLOR!!! All though I adore B/W this is an exception! I love seeing another side of our world in your photos which you so vividly portray!


I've come back to answer one of your queries on my site ...
I do "perspective correction" on all my wide angle photos since they tend to curve inside on the edges. However I still dont use photoshop ... I use Corel Paintshop, which is not as advanced as photoshop ... but easier, so it suits my limited skills.

To add, I read your comment on carring spare change and distributing to street performers ... i always do the same ... and you are really my inspiration in street photography!


you are too good ... some spectacular photos ... and I think it was good to put these in colors.


Another spectacular series. Your journalistic talents seem to have no limits. Excellent work.


Lovely series of pics Sidney. So happy!


so did a feast follow the procession? it usually does. it's the sampaguita leis that amaze me. they are meticulously created and quite labor-intensive.


Ooooh, sampaguita!


Something that has always tickled me the processions with the saints. Good press photography here.


A new procession with somptuous colors.

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